Saturday, May 14, 2011

After Sam

This has been a traumatic week here in Naruna.  Sam the Beagle, the full-time goodwill ambassador for Naruna, and also the unofficial greeter at Naruna Baptist Church whenever the doors were open, unexpectedly passed away this week from unknown causes.  He spent his days making his rounds, then sprawling either on the porch or under a tree and waiting for someone to come and visit. 
The Flying Beagle
It mattered not to Sam whether he was the intended focus of your visit, only that you stopped by.  Anyone who pulled in at the little church or cemetery across the road from his house soon found they had an escort on their errand.  Sam was a good dog and ever attentive companion who only wanted to make everyone feel welcomed and loved. 
Sam & Santa BoBo

Baby Sam
 Life continues even in the face of grief and loss.  It is not easy to accept and adjust to the loss of any friend, but we have to move on. This has been hardest on my Lovely Bride who picked Sam out from amongst his litter mates, brought him home, and raised and nurtured him for the 5 years he was with us.  But also affected are the other 4-legged residents of Naruna. 

Sam & Ruby Jean

Ruby Jean was only a puppy when she came to live with us and Sam was the big brother who looked out for her & taught her the ropes, including tips on herding uncooperative cows. 

Rosie the Lab had lost her own puppy in an accident when Sam came into her life, ably filling that void. 

Sam & Rosie

 Tizzie the grey tabby quickly let the young beagle know what his boundaries were, and then settled into a, more or less, peaceful coexistence. 
Sam & Tizzie
Fred the kitten only arrived a week or so before Sam’s demise, but still acts as though he knows something is not right. 
Ruby Jean - Freddie - Sam

 We are all very tentative moving through the days, moping about and sneaking sideways glances as if in hopes Sam will somehow appear.

We’ll miss you, Sam.