Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grand Girls

Here are my grandgirls...Sarah with the red hair and blue eyes, Ellen in yellow & Phoebe in pink. Sarah is the "old" grandchild, more than three years old. Phoebe & Ellen are twins, although they don't really look alike and certainly don't act the same. They are all wonderful and adorable, and Boppa doesn't think any of them can do anything wrong...which gets all four of us in trouble sometimes.

Why do I want to do this?

In the very near future, the entire population of Naruna, Texas is departing for an extended tour of the Old Country! No...not Washington County...Italy!! That neither of us has any known Italian ancestors, does not change the fact we all emerged from that cultural stew which was begun in the Mediterranean and simmered on the fires of the Italian Renaissance. you think I may have read one too many guidebooks getting ready for the trip? I'm starting to sound like 'em.
One of my first goals is to be able to post photographs of our sojourn online, so you, my faithful fans, don't have to wait for those huge emails to download. I recently purchased a cheap laptop, so I should be able to upload pictures from the cameras, and hopefully insert them into this blog. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Stay tuned to see what happens when the perfect, carefree vacation smacks headfirst into reality.

A beginning

Greetings all.
This blog is my first attempt, and I ask you to bear with me as I make mistakes and learn how it is done. For those of you who have vast amounts of experience on-line, please feel free to offer hints, criticisms and guidance if it looks like I am doing things the hard way. I have a lot of experience at that! I hope to have a good time writing, and I hope you enjoy, also.